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Han Peeters

About the Author:
My name is Han Peeters and I currently live in Prinsenbeek, The Netherlands. I am the Dutch author of thirteen  fiction and non-fiction books. Four of them are translated into English.




Robin de Graaf and his parents were looking forward to a fun day out with a drive through the wildlife park. Unfortunately, things went differently and their life turned into a nightmare. In front of their eyes people got out of their car, seemingly unaware that uncaged cheetahs are dangerous predators. Robin filmed the event and then posted it on his YouTube channel where it caused mixed excitement among the viewers. The film went viral.

The family organized a press conference to answer questions. The family, filmer and video was controversial worldwide and became the topic of discussion on many talk shows. The impact was such that they even received death threats. People blamed Robin for making the film, and instead of the amazement about the walk among cheetahs, there was indignation about  the filmer, which was more bizarre than the event itself.

Only one man, Han Peeters, regarded it as a promotional stunt and his skepticism even reached the newspapers. The consequence was his surprising search for the story behind the incident.
Het origineel: HET CHEETA-MYSTERIE is verschenen in het Nederlands als boek, e-boek en als luisterboek.

PLANET X, English edition


Planet X, a planet that is part of our solar system, circles in an orbit around our Sun and the star Nemesis. The Sun and its sister star are a great distance from each other. The orbital period of Planet X is 3600 years. One of the last times it passed our planet, it caused a worldwide flood as described in the Old Testament, where it is called Wormwood. Every culture in ancient times had another name for it. Regardless of what it is called, the planet is an instigator of evil as told in The Revelation of John, the last part of the Bible, in the description of the end time.

Because of its magnetic field, Planet X has already caused volcanic eruptions, bizarre climatic circumstances and many earthquakes. Planet X is on its way, but mainstream media chooses to ignore the impending crisis. However, Marc and Inge Hamelinck, who are managing a Dutch website where they gather worldwide news about Planet X, have been paying attention. When Planet X shows up behind the Sun, making it visible to the naked eye for everyone on Earth, the truth becomes apparent to everyone.

Panic ensues and especially around  Marc, Inge and the editors of the website, as they are confronted with much more because of the approaching planet... Will this be the end?

The New Constitution

After 5,000 years of feudal rule, a new constitution is needed. The helm must be turned around completely if we are to save ourselves from destruction. Every day, people watch the news showing the injustices and feel helpless to change it. Although convinced we are on the wrong track, we question what can be done. Although the elite make up only 1% of the population, they have control, because money is power. The other 99% have compassion for their fellow man, but are not able to do anything about the inequality. Osism and the OcOmmunity discussed in this book have the goal of putting the money and the power into the hands of the 99%. The aim is to stop the injustices, inequality, and those who only act in favor of their own agendas. The New Constitution promotes a different approach to everything we now take for granted.

The New Constitution,using the example of the Dutch Constitution, is the global foundation for a non-violent and democratic revolution.

Power to the people.

The Last Prophet

In this exciting novel Emile van Straten, a historic scientist, is sailing around the world with his girlfriend Jenny on their sailing yacht the Davy Jones. During their journey UNESCO assigns him to investigate a document that was found on the island Terceira. Then Emile discovers the magical diamond, a tour de force in geometry. A mysterious symbol that turns out to be the key to the unravelling of world mysteries, such as the pyramids of Giza, the Nazca-plain in Peru and the mysterious Moai-statues on Easter Island. Based on his discoveries Emile writes a manifesto for a new world order led by the people with solutions for global problems that no one had thought of before. He sets up the OcOmmunity with far-reaching worldwide consequences.

In The Last Prophet, a fierce battle between good and evil ensues. It starts in antiquity and continues into the future. Emile van Straten successfully establishes a global true democracy based on Osism without borders and political leaders. Although the world in Osism is flourishing, it is soon revealed that Hades, as the god of evil, is the only god from Greek mythology who is still alive. 

·        In a light-hearted narrative style the author offers a mix of elements from In The Name of the Rose and The Da Vinci Code. It is very interesing and easy to read. I highly recommend this book.
·        The unlimited inventive and thrilling creative power of the author, in both language and plot, as well as the global solutions, make that this book will continue to shimmer.
·        A beautiful combination of fiction and true facts, it made me Google frequently for specifics. I learnt new facts from this book. And there is absolutely something more between heaven and earth.
·        A masterly epos in which diverging theories make an appearance. The mythology with its gods, the old philosophers, freemasonry, geometry, mysticism, religion and the global problems. As reader I   was  amazed that it brought me a world which might be possible.

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